10 March 2007

Pica-pica! (Pikacu?)

Three days ago I went to Bogor with my friend (my tutormate), her husband and their baby boy. That day both of us wanted to meet the department principal [hey I think he has already fed up with you man] (he..he..) at Campus. We talked about many things during the journey, from just a chitchat and jokes to our scripcy progression and serious business.

One of the talk was about my friend's experience during her pregnancy. At the beginning of her pregnancy she had felt craving for "bakpau" (kind of Chinese bread) at 3 am (what a silly request). "Did you get it?" asked me, "No" her husband answered, "You think where can you find bakpau at that time ?" (he..he..,should I answer this question)[no you don't dumbass], I asked why, why suddenly she wanted to eat bakpau at early morning, she answered "I don't know I just wanted that thing, just right in that time" (what the heaven!). Yeah that's one of the weirdest things I know on earth, and that fenomena also happen to me and my mom too. My mother told me that when she was pregnant, which was loaded by me inside, she had felt craving for bite car's tire rubber. [What the hack, are you serious?] (unfortunately, yes!)

Ok let's drill it down! Some pregnancy articles said that, those fenomena is called pica, a craving for eats non food things which are found mostly among pregnant woman. Some of them said that it fenomena may coursed by the deficiencies of some minerals needed. But the other said the unstable hormones responsible for those all mess. So which one you chose, according to my experience as teenage I prefer to the second theory. I think "the rollercoaster" of pregnancy and puberty is alike, both of them are hormonal trouble base. So there's no strong reason to fulfill all silly, weird, nonsense requests. The fact, my mom never bites car's tire rubber and I didn't dribble when I was a baby. But if you have ability to fulfill your pregnant wife request, just fulfill it to show her that you care.[ceile...]

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