27 January 2007

Nopromise, Overdeliver

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In order to maintain my confident, comfortableness, appearance and saving shampoo of course, once in a month I go to nearest barbershop around my neighborhood. I’ve been cutting my hair routinely there at least since one and a half year ago with same style, 2 cm short flat hairstyle. The barbers called it “sepid” /spd/ in

Sundaness accent [they actually mean are Keanu Reeves hairstyle in Speed movies].Last Sunday, just like another day before, for a hair cut I had to wait for a while. [Hei what da pic is that ? Just keep on reading man !] After 35 minute of a beautiful waiting had done, my turn came over. Had been given a brief instruction, the barber started to work on my hair immediately. As usual there are three terms in hair cut, first is rough approach [with emm… I don’t know what that electric tool called, what I know only it has some kind of two blades with zigzag edges, and sound “wezzzz” when operated], the second is finishing touch [they use thin scissor and skinny comb for detail shaping], and the third is light massage and clean all up [sometime I feel worry with neck breaking alike movement “prek-prek” he..he..].

In the first term every thing had ran smoothly and fine, those situations always make me little bit sleepy. And then second term started, right side, left side, beck side, every thing had ran easily till front side finishing touch hit me. After had tidied fore head part suddenly the barber cut off the outside edges of my left eyebrow. “WooWoooWoooW” that’s shocking me, made me speechless. Actually I wanted to say “What da heaven you think you doing man?” but I didn’t. If I had stopped him to cut the other side, I would have loose my balance [the eyebrows balance of course].

What could I say? Every thing has done, regrets were useless. I was wondering how he could have that initiative. Maybe it was caused because my eyebrows ware too long on the edges and looked massy. Some time in the morning when I wake up my eyebrows appear on my view. And some time my mother yell at me “Tidy up your eyebrows!!”. I Thing the barber has already do the right thing :D. Thanks barber but next time confirmation is important ok.

20 January 2007

Is it hot or just me ?

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What da day, why it's so dry and hot here in Jakarta. You know that now is January, it should be rainy season come around [beside merry season, and durian season of course]. Not only Jakarta but also in Bogor the City of Rain. People said that Bogor has
a micro climate pattern which's caused of its geographical structure and position. It was used to rains in daily basis around da year in Bogor, but now that's not more than another legend, an urban legend [don't think so:]

What in da world happen to the climate pattern anyway? Climate and weather expert from BMG (Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika) said that's an anomaly has been happening since one or two weeks ago. Normally on the beginning of rainy season’s temperature’s around 31-32 Celsius degree but right now thermometers are indicating 36 Celsius degree. This abnormal pattern of weather is called dry spell, caused by Eddy cycle (closed whirlwind) on South China Sea. By those situations, rains have been being concentrated only on soulth China Sea. The circumstances are getting worse, because winds're blowing very fast around 15-20 knot in layer 3000, 5000 up to 13000 feeds, and rain clouds will only composed if wind blows below 10 knot.

So what now, what are those all facts' mean. Do you think those facts are mean less?, maybe you should reconsider it again. Do you think those facts are only explanations about recent circumstances?, you right but let's reconsider it again. Every thing in this world has its own direct and indirect causes, with high, fair or low correlations. The Nature always searches for the balance position, the most effortless, steady position. Nature is a dynamic systm, and has its own behaviors. If one or some of its elements move or get moved, the nature will search and find its new balance [sound familiar isn't it, oh yeah my old shoes' trade mark]. To get da balance condition the nature will converts energy forms, potential, kinetic, heat and others. And to get along with the nature we should learn and understand about its behaviors, do not mess it up and make some anticipations needed. When we treat the nature wrong, not try to learn and understand about its behaviors, and make no required anticipation, no wonder if there’re so many bad things [such natural disaster, national disaster, and personal disaster too] happen out there. Who's to blame? Let's blame da systm, therefore every body's happy and no one's hand get dirty. But who have built da systm anyway?.Temons thoughts

07 January 2007

Confession On The Wet Floor

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I kill time-limiting program on internet-connected node in public library, tragically I have learned those skills from a book in that library too. But you know that, too much freeloading is not good for your mental health.
Maybe some time you have to burn
your ships which you have sailed with, destroy the bridges which you have stepped on, in order no way for pullback and to eliminating choices. And always be careful to the questions you ask to your self about your life, sooner or later automatically you will get the answers. Schools make you intellect and money makes you smart. Am I agree with me ?,

Hemkh….zzt [try to hold my laughs stay in my throat], every time I remember that circumstance. Maybe you are wondering what circumstance that was. Hemmm…. sorry I can’t tell you. Why ? Cause it’s all about some one else personal life. And if I were him I would be glad if every one who eyewitnesses that circumstance not separates that embracing story. Don’t air your friend dirty laundry in public.

Grow up, please !!

Who gonna kickin whose ass ?

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Untuk Versi Bahasa Indonesia klik disini.

Hooooo...ii what’s up folks, who’s the life treating you?
Miss me ?, don’t think so. Still in one piece?, hope so.
Me again, back to da blog world with different approach.

Ok first, now I’m asking you, who gonna kickin whose ass if a tiger and an alligator get fight? Maybe sounds like a trivial kindergarten level or even just like a tricky question but it's serious, come on !!! Just make a shot or just guessing is ok, but makes some common sense reasons for your answer please. The answer doesn't require your expertise in zoology or even statistics: D

Already make up you mind, and if want to know the answer (according to me of course :)) Just look the first comment of this post. Ok now is time to my blog. Maybe it will give you some clues for the answer (if you haven’t seen the answer yet).

It ain't easy to be me you know, some people said that I am unpredictable, and even some time I can’t predict my self ha..ha... They think that I have a hole in my head and some time mock me around, but I don’t mind cause I do not really care about them any way. I am not an anomaly, I am categorized to a group, to a type even though that group or type is minority of the society (in Bahasa Indonesia statistic’s jargon it’s called "pencilan"). I think that’s the answer why “All-Size” rigid standard system doesn’t work well for me. I like to customize, to engineerize the situation around.

[Only 1 % of society, what da heaven is it ? ha..ha.... Hei hold on, how could you know about the type and the statistic??] Of course, had made some research and found it up, these are not hard things to do for us in this type [wow smells like a new gangster of snob in town, isn’t it ?] Hei take it easy dude, we’re not snob we just mob of undying skeptic and will learn everything learnable from religion to sex and from chemist to politics. We like to know the concepts, what ever concept, to support and refine our designs, what ever designs. Since, we’re just cut out to design and to compose some strategy. Maybe these're the reasons why we do not pay much respect to titles, common-accepted tradition, authority and status quo. Otherwise we do pay much respect to knowledge, people who have knowledge and have made some contributions to the world, community, groups, or just for him or her close one.

[Ok now, who has made the category of peoples?] Of course some one who’s categorized in the same type with me ? [What da hack ?, are we trapped in narcissistic judgment ?] Absolutely not dude, may I repeat, we are undying skeptic who some time (or maybe often), fells skeptic even to our own thought (it’s not same with low of self confident). The concept of people-category which I’ve told you around was composed by a man, a psychoanalyst (big shot one) who had passed away before that concept was published by other people who had found that works in his archive cabinets. And nowadays those concepts have already been developed and widely used around the globe. And I think those concepts are one of some important thing to consider, if you want to figure out, are you a tiger or an alligator.


Hooooo...ii apa kabar nih, gimana hidup lo ?
Rindu sama gw? nggak juga. Masih utuh?, pastinya.
Gw lagi, kembali ke dunia blog dengan pendekantan baru.

Ok, pertama gw mo tanya dulu, siapa yg bakal menang kalo macan sama buaya berantem? Mungkin kedengeran kayak tebak-tebakan anak TK atau tekateki jebakan, tapi ini serius, ayo!! Asal nebak juga nggak apa-apa, tapi coba bikin sedikit alasan yang masuk akal untuk jawaban lo. Jawabannya nggak butuh pengetahuan ahli zologi koq apalagi statistik :D

Udah dapet jawabannya?, dan kalo mo tau jawabannya (menurut gw tentunya :)) liat aja di komentar pertama post ini. Ok sekarang waktunya untuk blog gw. Mungkin ini bisa kasih sedikit petunjunk untuk menjawab pertanyaan tadi (itu juga kalo lo blom liat jaawbannya).

Nggak gampan jadi gw, tau nggak? beberapa orang bilang kalo gw nggak bisa diprediksi, dan bahkan terkadang gw juga nggak bisa prediksi diri gw sendiri he..he... Mereka pikir gw rada "miring" dan kadang" ngeledekin gw. Tapi gw nggak keberatan koq, soalnya gw nggak terlalu peduli sama mereka. Gw bukan anomali, gw masuk dalem sebuah kategori sebuah grup, dalam sebuah tipe walaupun grup atau tipe itu termasuk minoritas dalam masyarakat (kalo bahasa statistiknya pencilan). Mungkin itu sebabnya kenapa sistem "satu-untuk-semua" nggak bekerja bagus buat gw. Gw suka kustomisasi, manipulasi situasi sekitar.

[Cuma 1 % dari masyarakat, apa-apaan neh ?, Heh tunggu sebentar, gimana lo bisa tau tentang tipe dan statistiknya??] Ya jelas pake penelitian dan ketemu deh, hal-hal tersebut bukan merupakan suatu yg sulit untuk di lakukan bagi kami dalam tipe ini [wow kayaknya gw mencium bau gengster orang-orang sombong baru dikota neh, bener?] Hei santai kawan, kami bukan orang-orang sombong kami cuma sekumpulan orang biasa yg nggak gampang percaya dan bakal belajar apapun yang bisa dipelajarin dari reliji sape seks dan dari kimia sampai politik. Kami tertarik akan konsep-konsep, konsep apa aja, untuk mendukung dan memperbaiki rancangan kami, rancangan apa saja. Karena kami memang dilahirkan untuk merancang dan menyusus strategi. Mungkin itu sebabnya kami nggak terlalu hormat sama gelar, tradisi umum, otoritas dan status quo. Tetapi kami sangat menghormati pengetahuan, orang yang memiliki dan menyumbangkan pengetahuannya kepada dunia, komunitas, grup, atau sekedar pada orang-orang terdekatnya.

[Ok sekarang, siapa yang udah bikin kategori-tadi itu?] Tentu aja seseorang yg termasuk dalam tipe gw. [Apa-apaan neh, apakah kita terjebak dalam penilaian narsis?] Tentu saja tidak kawan, boleh gw ulangin sekali lagi, kami sangat nggak gampang percaya begitu aja, yang terkadang (mungkin sering), nggak langsung percaya sama pikiran sendiri (beda sama kurang percaya diri ya!). Konsep pengkategorian manusia yang dari tadi gw sebut-sebut disusun oleh seseorang psikoanalis (pentolannya) yang keburu meninggal sebelum akhirnya konsep itu dipublikasiin sama orang lain yang nemuin konsep tadi di lemari berkasnya. Dan saat ini konsep itu udah dikembangin dan digunakan luas diseluruh dunia. Dan gw pikir konsep itu merupakan suatu yang pengting kalo lo mo tau lo itu macan atau buaya.

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