27 January 2007

Nopromise, Overdeliver

In order to maintain my confident, comfortableness, appearance and saving shampoo of course, once in a month I go to nearest barbershop around my neighborhood. I’ve been cutting my hair routinely there at least since one and a half year ago with same style, 2 cm short flat hairstyle. The barbers called it “sepid” /spd/ in

Sundaness accent [they actually mean are Keanu Reeves hairstyle in Speed movies].Last Sunday, just like another day before, for a hair cut I had to wait for a while. [Hei what da pic is that ? Just keep on reading man !] After 35 minute of a beautiful waiting had done, my turn came over. Had been given a brief instruction, the barber started to work on my hair immediately. As usual there are three terms in hair cut, first is rough approach [with emm… I don’t know what that electric tool called, what I know only it has some kind of two blades with zigzag edges, and sound “wezzzz” when operated], the second is finishing touch [they use thin scissor and skinny comb for detail shaping], and the third is light massage and clean all up [sometime I feel worry with neck breaking alike movement “prek-prek” he..he..].

In the first term every thing had ran smoothly and fine, those situations always make me little bit sleepy. And then second term started, right side, left side, beck side, every thing had ran easily till front side finishing touch hit me. After had tidied fore head part suddenly the barber cut off the outside edges of my left eyebrow. “WooWoooWoooW” that’s shocking me, made me speechless. Actually I wanted to say “What da heaven you think you doing man?” but I didn’t. If I had stopped him to cut the other side, I would have loose my balance [the eyebrows balance of course].

What could I say? Every thing has done, regrets were useless. I was wondering how he could have that initiative. Maybe it was caused because my eyebrows ware too long on the edges and looked massy. Some time in the morning when I wake up my eyebrows appear on my view. And some time my mother yell at me “Tidy up your eyebrows!!”. I Thing the barber has already do the right thing :D. Thanks barber but next time confirmation is important ok.

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