07 January 2007

Confession On The Wet Floor

I kill time-limiting program on internet-connected node in public library, tragically I have learned those skills from a book in that library too. But you know that, too much freeloading is not good for your mental health.
Maybe some time you have to burn
your ships which you have sailed with, destroy the bridges which you have stepped on, in order no way for pullback and to eliminating choices. And always be careful to the questions you ask to your self about your life, sooner or later automatically you will get the answers. Schools make you intellect and money makes you smart. Am I agree with me ?,

Hemkh….zzt [try to hold my laughs stay in my throat], every time I remember that circumstance. Maybe you are wondering what circumstance that was. Hemmm…. sorry I can’t tell you. Why ? Cause it’s all about some one else personal life. And if I were him I would be glad if every one who eyewitnesses that circumstance not separates that embracing story. Don’t air your friend dirty laundry in public.

Grow up, please !!

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