20 January 2007

Is it hot or just me ?

What da day, why it's so dry and hot here in Jakarta. You know that now is January, it should be rainy season come around [beside merry season, and durian season of course]. Not only Jakarta but also in Bogor the City of Rain. People said that Bogor has
a micro climate pattern which's caused of its geographical structure and position. It was used to rains in daily basis around da year in Bogor, but now that's not more than another legend, an urban legend [don't think so:]

What in da world happen to the climate pattern anyway? Climate and weather expert from BMG (Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika) said that's an anomaly has been happening since one or two weeks ago. Normally on the beginning of rainy season’s temperature’s around 31-32 Celsius degree but right now thermometers are indicating 36 Celsius degree. This abnormal pattern of weather is called dry spell, caused by Eddy cycle (closed whirlwind) on South China Sea. By those situations, rains have been being concentrated only on soulth China Sea. The circumstances are getting worse, because winds're blowing very fast around 15-20 knot in layer 3000, 5000 up to 13000 feeds, and rain clouds will only composed if wind blows below 10 knot.

So what now, what are those all facts' mean. Do you think those facts are mean less?, maybe you should reconsider it again. Do you think those facts are only explanations about recent circumstances?, you right but let's reconsider it again. Every thing in this world has its own direct and indirect causes, with high, fair or low correlations. The Nature always searches for the balance position, the most effortless, steady position. Nature is a dynamic systm, and has its own behaviors. If one or some of its elements move or get moved, the nature will search and find its new balance [sound familiar isn't it, oh yeah my old shoes' trade mark]. To get da balance condition the nature will converts energy forms, potential, kinetic, heat and others. And to get along with the nature we should learn and understand about its behaviors, do not mess it up and make some anticipations needed. When we treat the nature wrong, not try to learn and understand about its behaviors, and make no required anticipation, no wonder if there’re so many bad things [such natural disaster, national disaster, and personal disaster too] happen out there. Who's to blame? Let's blame da systm, therefore every body's happy and no one's hand get dirty. But who have built da systm anyway?.Temons thoughts

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