03 February 2007

Not a Super Hero, just another costume freak detective.

Can you guest who's the men described by this post's title? Yeah you're right! [hei wait a minute dude, you speak like Dora the Explorer, ask questions and respond as if somebody have answered it yet, are you sure?] Hei take it easy pal easy...

The man is BATMAN yeah! Comic character which's created by Bob Kyne as the artist) and Bill Finger (writer) in May 1939. He can't fly, can't see trough wall and can't run as fast as bullet, in other words, he like just another human being. So why he's called super hero by some people, I think because he has pushed him self to the top condition of physical and intellectual condition, after had witnessed his parents' dead in a robbery, when he was a kid. By using sophisticated tools and vehicle he can parallel super-human power and ability which possessed by other heroes. With detective skill, knowledge and strategy he fight the crimes.

[Hei why Batman, why don't you talk about others heroes like superman, flash gordon, gundala, si buta dari gua hantu, etc and if you want to, I can create one for you!] No thanks pal, Batman character has given much influence to my life. All started when I was around seven or eight years old. I was sick and had to get a medical care in Jakarta Hospital (RSJ he..he..). At that time, in every single working day even thouth visiting time had up, and I had already slept, my father still came to my room and used to buy me Batman comic series.

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