03 April 2007

Can’t change your life by changing your life.

Yeah maybe some of you’ll ask “What does it mean, and how could it be?”

The first of all, I suggest you to broaden your horizon, be open minded, try another novel point of view, and free your minds. Than I believe you’ll have a new believes.

No I’m not talking about religion, stay in your religion and be a faithful one. I’m talking about common believes, try reconsider it don’t just take it for granted.

Base on your new believes, try to put your hopes on that. That hopes will lead your attitudes which will give you new reasons for your acts.

Finally all of that will reflected on your performances. And remember your performances are the treads which’re used to weave your life.

If you change your minds, than your believes will be changed.
If you change your believes, than your hopes will be changed.
If you change your hopes, than your attitudes will be changed.
If you change your attitudes, than your behaves will be changed.
If you change your behaves, than your performances will be changed.
If your change your performance, than your life will be changed.

- Dr. Walter Doyle Staples -

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